The Road Less Traveled Fundraiser Gala 2016

My family started an amazing nonprofit organization in 2004 and it has been thriving ever since. Project Ecuador is a charitable organization established to help underprivileged children and underdeveloped schools in Ecuador, Argentina, Guatemala and other countries in central and South America. They offer various programs such as scholarships programs, Communities Organized to Rebuild and Empower (CORE) project, and more.

Every year they host a fundraiser in order to support their wonderful cause.I will contribute one of my paintings for a raffle giveaway.

Join us for an evening of dancing, food, drinks, and fun this Saturday! Best of all it’s for a great cause! My original watercolor painting and many other wonderful prizes will be raffled at the event. All of the proceeds will help underprivileged children and their families with economic and educational resources.

Check it out and spread the word. If you can’t make it, you can still help. Check out our website for donating details. Thank you!


It is with great pleasure that we share The Road Less Traveled progress to date and invite you to continue making a difference in so many families’ lives. Thank¬†you to all those who have extended a helping hand and to those who have reached out to help or donate. You make all this possible.

Colors of the Wind, Watercolor Painting Donation by Andrea Realpe

Joyful Friend

The other day I was photographing my art on the porch when I unexpectedly saw the most beautiful butterfly. It was so lovely watching it dance around the stairs. I couldn’t look away, I didn’t want to miss a thing. When it rested on my long cobalt skirt, my soul filled with joy and pure bliss. The colors were spectacular! I even got a chance to gently pet it’s wings. Since this moment brought a huge smile to my face, I had to capture it with a paint brush and savior it!

Joyful Friend_Andrea Realpe_Frame Display

Life is all about savoring moments like this. The following day, I saw the same butterfly across the street from my apartment. It was a pleasant surprise to encounter such beauty once more.

Enjoy this little poem that fits perfectly with this painting. ūüôā

A butterfly came into my room

And the drab walls began to bloom

It lent colours on its wings

Even to my most mundane things

I felt rainbows spouting all around

And also heard a strange and faint sound

Was it the whisper of that butterfly

Conveying a message from the yonder sky?

It flew away to become a dot of a bliss

Yet I felt its parting kiss

It has gone but I still hear

Its mysterious song in my ear.

‚ÄĒ Author Unknown