Graduation Peonies

This past weekend I graduated from my university. As a gift from family, I received the most beautiful flowers that I have ever seen in my life. I wanted to remember that special day so I painted the peonies.

Andrea Realpe Peony -
Painting by Andrea Realpe

Grauation peoniesFind the original painting at this link:

Peony Watercolor Painting

I have been dreaming about the arrival of spring for the past few days since it has been below freezing temperatures. It is about -2 degrees in Chicago..brrr. Tomorrow it is going to be -8 degrees. However, on the plus side my dreams lead me to paint my favorite flowers; peonies. I especially enjoy painting peony buds. I hope I bring you a little warmth with this painting. The original is available at my Etsy store at this link Peony