Bus Life On The Moon Watercolor Painting

My heart is exploding with so much joy and gratefulness for Craig Gordnier for giving me the opportunity to once again create a custom artwork for his amazing tiny home on wheels. I was over the moon to work with him again. Not only was this a wonderful way for me to get my creative juices flowing but also to learn and challenge myself as an artist since I have never painted or drawn a bus before.

The project was originally supposed to be a simple watercolor sketch of his 1999 Bluebird school bus but it turned far beyond what we were both expecting. We worked together to create something out of this world; a wonderful scenery that has never been seen before.

I started off with a sketch followed by the inclusion of palm trees with a hammock (decided on the lawn chair instead). We decided to have the bus be surrounded by purple-blue mountains with evergreen trees. Including the starry night sky with the earth was one of my favorite parts. Now the bus on the moon was just a mind blowing idea that Craig thought would be an amazing inclusion since he is called, The Tropical Astronaut. I also added the astronaut footprints on the moon to follow his theme.

Overall I am beyond pleased with the outcome of this project. I cannot get over how it turned out. Once again, I am truly thankful beyond words for craig j gordnier for having me create this painting. It brought out the best of me creativly. I am now incorporating starry nights into my future projects.

Follow craig j gordnier and his Journey.

Playful Kitten Watercolor Painting


How adorable is my newest painting? I usually paint lovely birds and flowers but this time I decided to paint a kitten playing with a blue butterfly. I had such a blast!

Determined Heart Watercolor Dolphin

Check out my newest painting, Determined Heart. I wanted to try something different so instead of painting flowers and birds, I went with this beach seen. It is somewhat surrealistic since the dolphin looks like he is coming out of the glass bottle. It has been so cold here in MA so I needed a beach scenery. 😉 20161220_133841

The original is for sale in my Etsy Shop