Give the Gift of Art

This holiday season, give the gift of art. I am having a huge sale at my shop until December 25. Save 30% off everything from Angy Paints. Check out new watercolor paintings and prints.
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Hand Painted Shells

I recently relocated close to the shore in New Jersey. It has been a wonderful experience to be very close to sea since I find many treasures that wash up shore during my long walks with my pup, Sofi. Most of my findings include slipper shells, bay scallops, moon snails, oysters, blue mussels and if I am really lucky sand dollars. However, my main treasure is focused on  finding surf clams. My collection is growing larger and larger everyday. Last week I was running low on watercolor paper so I decided to make use of what I had at hand; surf clams. I decided to paint on them. I have a total of 7 already and plan on painting many more! I also think that they would make excellent unique Christmas gifts for friends and family.

They are posted on my Etsy shop at this link Check them out before the go fast! 😀


This is my pup Sofi smelling the clams. 😀

Hurdles and Obstacles Painting

I decided to experiment with watercolor techniques. Abstraction took over this one.
I call it Hurdles and Obstacles:D