“Trapped, Stagnant, and Free” Original Sumi Ink and Watercolor Painting

Trapped, Stagnant, and Free is my latest watercolor painting. Cherry blossoms and birds are extremely dear to me. Both are symbols of beauty, nature, freedom, and love. There are three birds in this painting. There is one that is trapped by a small string and cannot fly. The bird all the way to the right is stagnant. It does not know whether to fly or to stay on the branch. The last bird is reaching out and is ready to be free. The blue birds manifested with the painting. I did not plan them. Maybe it is my self conscious telling me something?:P

This painting is available for sale on my website at the link below if you are interested.


Trapped, Stagnant, and Free © Andrea Realpe.com All Rights Reserved - Copy pic © Andrea Realpe.com All Rights Reserved - Copy

Painting Week

I have an entire week to myself, so I am going to use this time and enjoy what I love doing best, painting. Now that I have this extra time, I realized that I have not been painting for myself. It has been a long time, I don’t even remember the last time I sat down and started to draw or paint for myself. So yesterday, I painted for myself. I didnt worry about what it would look like, or what message I was trying to convey, I just painted with no judgement. It was extremely relaxing given that all the pressure was off my shoulders. What is very fascinating about yesterdays journey was that when the pressure to create a beautiful painting was not on my mind, my creativity flowed naturally. Every stroke was not premeditated, instead it flowed right out of me. The paintings also took less time.
Here is what I painted in my book. Enjoy:)

Go Where the Road Takes You

“Go Where the Road Takes You”

This is a bluebird flying to its destination, wherever that may be.

Where the road takes you watermark

“Where the Road Takes You”

This is the first painting that I worked on last night. I painted the cherry blossom branch first and then it seamed right to add in the eye. The rest manifested shortly after. I love how the road is coming out of her and the bluebird is coming out of the road.

I hope you enjoyed my paintings:)