Blue Jay Watercolor

I use to see blue jay birds all the time, but they don’t come around as much as they use to. However I still see cardinal birds flying around every once in a while. Have you seen any blue jays? Their feather print design is so beautiful! Their color is also amazing! It is hard to capture their true beauty on paper, but here is my attempt. 🙂


New Paintings

I have been on a roll this week. Here are my new watercolor paintings. Which one is your favorite? Mine has to be the cuddly panda cub.

Originals are available fore sale on my website:


Thanks for viewing:).

“You Hold the Key” Robin Bird Watercolor Painting

This is my latest watercolor painting from my collection. I was experimenting with a different technique that I discovered while painting. I really like how it turned out. I like mixing abstract features to realism, I think it adds distinctive features to the painting.

I am fascinated with painting different kinds of birds. I have always enjoyed their presence. Below is a painting of a robin sitting on a branch. There is also a skeleton key hanging from a red ribbon.

I am also fascinated with antiques. I feel that there is much more detail and care that was taken into creating things back in the day. Now many things can be reduced by machines and the originality is not present as often. When it is made manually it has more distinct features and it is much more original. This is why i chose to add an antique key. The key can represent many things. It can symbolize, any new opportunities and discoveries in all kinds of areas such, as spiritual, knowledge, relationships, anything else that your dreams desire.

you hold the key

I hope you like it! It measures 11×15 inches and it is painted on thick Strathmore Fine Art cold press paper.

This painting is available for sale. Please contact me at for inquiries:)

This is a photo to show you how it may look on the wall.