Color Me Pretty

Hi Ladies! Do you want to feel extra Pretty? Check out this lovely Etsy treasury, Color Me Pretty. It’s full of amazing things. 😀


Wedding Watercolor Painting

wedding portrait, wedding painting, wedding watercolor painting
Painting by Andrea Realpe

I am so excited to announce that I was recently commissioned to paint this watercolor portrait of this lovely couple on their wedding day. Continue reading “Wedding Watercolor Painting”

A Brush With Nature: Plein Air Painting


Me, painting with nature where I belong. 🙂

The term plein air derived from a french phrase, en plein air, which means, “in the open air.” It’s used to describe the act of painting outside. On Saturday, I had the wonderful opportunity to paint with nature at Sydney Yates Flatwoods. Continue reading “A Brush With Nature: Plein Air Painting”