Three Little Bluebirds

Earlier in the year I was commissioned by US Coast Guard veteran, Craig Gordnier to create a special painting for his incredible home. I took this opportunity right away. Not only do I love painting bluebirds but I also love the idea that it will be hung on a school bus. It’s no ordinary 1999 BlueBird school bus, Craig transformed it into a luxurious tiny home on wheels so that he can, “go out and live the most fulfilling life I possibly can.”

The watercolor painting is our spin on Bob Marley’s song, Three Little Birds. We included three little bluebirds to represent his bus and the three leaves for his love of Bob Marley. I was able to manifest his ideas onto paper while I was heading cross country to our new home. I am incredbly joyful and over the moon that it is featured on the Rachael Ray Show 

I’m am truly unbelievably thankful for #_justdoingmything_ for letting me create a meaningful piece of artwork specifically for his home on wheels. Not only does he inspire us to create the lives that we want but also to live a simpler life with less consumption to be in harmony with nature:
“Dream Bigger. Never stop. Never let anyone try to stop you, put you down or doubt you. Turn to yourself and build a trusting and loving relationship with the person who will carry these dreams out. Trust yourself first, follow the positive voice in your heart. If you aren’t living in an environment that is encouraging and building, exploring, planning and talking about your dreams, leave. Do everything you have to do to achieve it. I believe in you and the only thing I live to see is the look on people’s faces when they talk about the things they love, dream of & believe in ❤️” -Craig

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