Fly Bird Fly Watercolor Painting

Fly bird fly andrearealpeThis painting was inspired by injured birds, especially the one I saw yesterday. This painting is available at the link below.
When you make your purchase I will donate 50% of the proceeds to the Chicago Bird Collision Monitors.
By purchasing this painting, you will be helping to support the Chicago Bird Collision Monitors in Chicago, IL. This amazing organization is dedicated to protect birds through rescue, education and outreach, and also advocating bird-safe lighting and building design to reduce bird collision hazards.
Here is their website for more information about the organization:

   Yesterday, I saw a bird in distress. It was spinning in circles on the floor and flapping its wings unable to move its neck. I was not sure what to do or who to call. All I wanted was for the bird to be okay. I tried calling several places with no luck. When I finally got in touch with someone (311) they told me help will be on the way. It has been hours and they still have not arrived. Sadly the bird is long gone. I believe it passed from shock.
If this ever happens to you go to this website for instructions

Here is a website to find a wild Life rehabilitation center nearest you.

If your in Chicago call the CBCM at 773-988-1867
(Dont call 311; they did not arrive until hours later)*****

All beings are fond of themselves, they
like pleasure, they hate pain, they shun
destruction, they like
life and want to live
long, To all, life is dear; hence their life
should be protected.


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