Bluebird of Happiness Painting / First Entry

Hello all!!  Welcome! This is my first entry for this site. I am excited to begin my journey as a watercolor artist.

To begin this site I will start off by posting a gorgeous bluebird watercolor painting. I painted this last night over a two hour time period. I have always been a huge fan of birds, especially peacocks, humming birds, doves, and bluebirds. Not only do they bring color to our world, but they also bring music to our ears.
I will post about an event that occurred about a year ago involving birds. Until then here are the pictures of the bluebird.


This is quick sketch of the bluebird resting on a violet flower.


This is the final watercolor painting of a gorgeous bluebird and a violet flower.

I hope you like it!! The bluebird is a widely accepted symbol of cheerfulness, happiness, prosperity, hearth and home, good health and basically anything that is positive.
❤ these birds!

If you are interested in this painting it is available for sale at my ebay store at the link below:

Thank you for viewing!:)

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